Of the Hatred Against Those Who Hate Hate Groups

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. The headquarters of the Family Research Council (Doncha just love how organizations like that portray themselves as “pro-family”?) was the scene of an ugly incident in which a gunman intruded and wounded a security guard. And when it turned out that the fellow in question had an ideological vendetta against the FRC, the right-wing reactionaries predictably seized the ball and ran all the way to the parking lot with it.

“A-ha!” they said. “Ya see, it’s really the librulz who are hatemongers, and they’re making violent attacks against respectable conservative organizations. But the media only talk about violence committed by right-wingers.”

The Daily Beast  did a pretty get job of sorting out the spin, noting two narratives that emerged from the wingers: (1) That the mainstream media were ignoring the incident because the shooter was apparently a librul and the target was a “conservative” group, and (2) that libruls in general bear the culpability for the attack for drawing attention to Chick-Fil-A’s support of organizations, including the Family Research Council, that have been categorized as “hate groups”.

The first assertion is easily discredited; the incident was covered by just about every media outlet in the galaxy, even though it was nowhere near as violent as, say the Aurora shooting. Indeed, some of them peppered it up by declaring that the heroic security guard “saved many lives” — a wild conjecture masquerading as factual reporting.

The second narrative is almost too silly to comment on. It’s a trick, as we’ve already noted, that these people have been pulling for years: i.e., declaring that calling people out for hateful actions and statements is itself even more hateful. Is it possible that they truly don’t grasp the distinction between: (a) denouncing a campaign of disinformation and demonizing, and boycotting organizations guilty of such activity, and (b) indulging in demonizing and disinformation, combined with incendiary rhetoric, threats of and exhortations to violence, and an idolatrous obsession with firearms?  Are they more horrified by a single episode in which one person was wounded than by numerous cases in which numerous people were methodically slaughtered?

Which brings us to the third narrative, the one that rides shotgun on all the others: that “both sides do it” equally, or even that the Left is more guilty of hate than the Right. We’ve already covered this topic before.  And again. And again.  And again. And again. In the most recent session, we mentioned that according to one tally, during the past 3 decades there have been more than 200 people killed in ideologically motivated attacks by right-wingers, compared to 7 in attacks by left-wingers.  Since then, 7 more have been added to the already lopsided column on the right.

Yet the right-wing polemicists want you to believe that the recent violent attacks by left-wingers — all one of them — somehow outweigh all the others on the hate scale. You suppose they’ll ever be willing to share whatever they’ve been smoking?

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