I’m Back!

Well, I’ve just returned from an exhilarating and eye-opening month of backpacking through Europe, and now I’m prepared with renewed vigor to confront the supposedly real world in which Donald Trump is considered a serious contender for president. In my absence, certain “militia” types in Oregon have demonstrated once again that guns are a very poor substitute for brains. Which is quite appropriate, since I left in the midst of a discussion about guns, which I will now resume. Stay tuned.


      • You tend to make arguments against other people’s arguments by pointing out fallacies. And in doing so not only are you avoiding the issue but you are also committing fallacies yourself that happen to not be the particular fallacy you are accusing your current opponent of using.

      • Since when is pointing out fallacies not a valuable thing to do in a debate—it might make others aware that an opponent may not be an honest, ethical, or knowledgeable individual. And pointing out fallacies, is merely a fallacy of its own? If you say the current year is 2018, and I correct you by pointing out that it is really 2016, that has no place in any argument—even one that chronicles specific events? Please don’t dazzle us with any flighty philosophical glitter. There are objective facts, and pointing them out can help to clarify any issue! This is not a hard concept to grasp!

      • I changed my provider and email address while you were away, so it now appears that I have made only one post on your website. Is there anyway to add the old comments to my new email address? If not I’ll just start over again.

      • I don’t know what you’re seeing on your end, Peter, but I still see all of your comments with your name on them. Even when I view the site without signing in.

  1. No matter POP,

    what I mean is that they seem not to be listed due to the different email address I now have. However, I know which topics I commented on and I can look in your archives to read them anytime I want.

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