NRA Achieves New Low


Many years ago, I wrote a satirical (or so I thought) skit in which the NRA owned its own TV network. Such a network has been a reality for many years now; it’s becoming increasingly difficult for satire to keep pace with reality. (I more recently had an idea for a script about the gun lobby marketing to children; turns out the NRA’s already working on that one too.)

The NRA’s most recent nadir of tastelessness is an ad that denounces those who disapprove of the current insanity in Washington (that’s the majority of Americans, folks) as violent, anti-American troublemakers, and implying that we should be suppressed with armed force. (It also calls us liars, which is really rich considering they’re supporting a politician who’s already shattered all records of dishonesty.) Its pious hand-wringing over some people likening the White House Occupant to Hitler is a double-barreled irony.

Not only did the NRA and its accomplices (with zero justification) declare President Obama to be the reincarnation of Der Fuhrer on a daily basis for 8 years, but they are speaking about “liberals” in a manner very similar to the way the Nazis spoke about Jews.

This is the kind of rhetoric that prompted George Bush, Sr. to renounce his lifetime membership in the group. But that was back in a distant age when some of the NRA’s Washington constituents actually possessed a modicum of character


  1. Although I have discovered that there is no evidence that Sinclair Lewis said, “When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and hanging on a cross,” many other notable people have said similar things. So, the phrase alone is enough to discredit the backwards and greedy way that our politics seems to be proceeding today.

    Many on the far right, have forgotten that, part of the brilliance of democracy is that it does not rule out treacherous intentions from those who try and bend the Constitution and morality itself, into their own perverse definition of patriotism—which actually has nothing to do with the notion of cherishing our first amendment freedoms and our common right to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness (even if its NOT done in the “right” way)?

  2. Welcome to NRA World. As the shooting of Philando Castile demonstrates, possessing a gun justifies maximal police response. In NRA World, everyone owns a gun. A simple traffic stop gives law enforcement the right to go in with guns blazing. Welcome to NRA World.

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