Vanessa and Her Media Bias Chart


As my  schedule puts me behind in posting original material, I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to a lady named Vanessa, if you’re not already familiar with her. She is an attorney in Colorado who writes a modest little blog called All Generalizations Are False, with which I am quite impressed.  Its centerpiece, at least for the time being, is a chart that lays out bias and reliability among the major U.S. media outlets.

We live in a very visually-oriented world. You can hear and read a lot about media bias, but for many people, nothing helps sort it all out like this visual aid, which is informative, easy to follow, and pleasing to the eye.

It’s likely that anyone who sees it will quibble about the accuracy of the placement of one or more of the outlets thereon. I myself would have placed National Review both farther right and farther down the scale of reliability; but then this is based on my own personal experiences with it and its editor (which I really must tell you about one day) rather than a systematic examination such as Vanessa has conducted. She notes that she has received more feedback about CNN than anything else, and she even devotes a separate post to this.

There are also other posts on her site worth reading, mostly concerning observations about the media. I have found Vanessa’s writing to be consistently informed, insightful and eloquent. I look forward to reading more of it.


  1. I am also puzzled that CNN’s generally non-biased reporting, is something that others would want to dis? During Comey’s investigation into Clinton’s alleged mishandling of classified documents more than once I wondered why CNN had to take such a hard-assed approach?

    All journalists have biases, but not their own facts. Thus no editorial or opinion pages editor should automatically be deemed biased, based simply on whether it advances a somewhat partisan view that relies on facts, and which may resonate with some of their readers and/or viewers, and not others. As long as the facts being used are verifiable, there will usually be some valid wiggle-room with which to interpret them, and to do so with credulity. In this sense various differing opinions need to be respected.

    My understanding is that when news outlets tell lies, they are none–the–less granted a wide berth before being held accountable for those lies, simply because News Outlets express opinions as part of their everyday jobs, and if the opinion of one journalist could be sued by some other journalist or some other reader, over any view at all, then News outlets could effectively be sued for merely running opinion pieces which take any given stance about any news item at all! Thus the law must distinguished between lies and willful intentions to lie before prosecution is possible.

    All that being said, my own feeling is that CNN is a bit biased towards the left, although it’s overall quite fair and professional (like Vanessa’s chart confirms)–its pretty much in the middle.

    There’s no doubt that the Press must have its rights jealously protected so that some one like Trump will not be able to restrict its freedom simply because a given outlet may disagree with his “facts,” and “his” obviously subjective and concocted opinions about what does and does not constitutes “fake news.” when we quit caring about all of that, that’s when we will be well on our way to Fascism!

    • Do you actually think that CNN is just a LITTLE bias? Come on they could not print the truth if their life depended on it. CNN will take a story, and completely turn it around to suit their benefit. I have seen this time and time again, you know that I am right. CNN will add this, remove this, and in the end, it says what they want it to.

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