Announcing My Patreon Page


After kicking the idea around for some time, I’ve decided to launch a page on Patreon — a great new platform for all kinds of creators that connects them to supporters who want to patronize them financially for their work. Don’t worry, I will also continue this blog, and it will always be available free. But the Patreon account offers readers an opportunity to make a modest regular contribution to keep the effort going.

The posts on Patreon will include material recycled from the 9 years of this blog, as well as new posts appearing in both locations. The thing is, Patreon patrons will have a chance to view new articles at least three days earlier — and their feedback will be taken into account before the final version of the article is released here. Additionally, there will be an exclusive new feature available only to subscribers.

If you feel so inclined, I hope you will join the team.

(To learn more about Patreon, watch this TED talk by its founder.)

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