A New Decade

Hard to believe, but it’s now been 10 years since Propaganda Professor was launched. Many things have changed during that time; but the more things change, the more they stay the same.

A decade ago Barack Obama was in the White House, a situation that in retrospect seems like pure bliss. Most of the propaganda was created and circulated by deranged and ignorant fanatics who hated him. Today, with his successor in the White House, most of the propaganda is created and circulated by deranged and ignorant fanatics who love him. Basically the same people saying the same kinds of things.

In 2015, I noted the five-year mark by commenting, with some consternation, that my most popular post by far was The Myth Of Hitler’s Gun Ban. Well, that’s still the case. And the most popular topics, in descending order, have been: guns, Hitler, media bias, “bothsidesism” and propaganda techniques (“props” such as framing and spin).

While it is not very encouraging that Americans are more obsessed with guns than anything else (I have readers all over the world, but most of them are in the U.S.), and it’s scarcely more encouraging that they also have a morbid fascination with Hitler, the other topics on the list are much more heartening. A good many readers are showing an interest in finding out how some people are trying to manipulate them, with the subject of “bothsidesism” being particularly popular.

And bear in mind that the statistics that I speak of are for readers among the general public. These are people who are led here for whatever reason, read an article or two, then may or may not stick around. Some of them come just to pick a fight, and when they see that doesn’t work, they are ready to move on to the next target on their list.

But I also have a core of regular readers — hundreds of them official followers, and no doubt many more who read the blog on a regular basis. They are people who are genuinely concerned about the overall objectives of this blog. There may not be many of you, but you are worth your weight in gold; and I like to think I am reaching the people I really need to reach.

There’s an old saying, so old that it was included in The Bible, and it’s no doubt even older than that, to the effect that just a pinch of yeast makes the whole loaf rise. In other words, a few people can make all the difference. Ironically (and perhaps appropriately), the biblical citation of the proverb was applied in a negative sense, to indicate that one “bad apple” spoils the whole bunch. But the reverse can also be true; as anthropologist Margaret Mead put it:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

That’s the good news — you have the potential to make a meaningful impact. The bad news is that the forces of corruption and propaganda are relentless, and have been growing stronger. It’s quite likely that there will be a need for this blog for another decade and beyond.

So take heart, but buckle up. There’s still a long ride ahead. And we have no choice but to be optimistic.


  1. If my wife and I are an indication that you also have secondary followers who may not read your articles themselves but get them regularly second hand from followers like me. Keep up the good work and we will continue to share.

  2. I write this on November 11th veterans day 2020, When the results of the Presidential elections are already more than a week past. And the forces of Propaganda are already trying to meddle with its outcome again.

    Many Republicans privately recognized that Trump lost the elections and most pundits tell us there is no reason to think that Biden won’t become our acting president. However, after watching election returns from Georgia and Pennsylvania I still fear that between now and Jan 20th, the king of propaganda might just come up with another insidious way to make this country his toy? And, if Republican Senators do not stand up to him, his influence will likely last as long as the half-life of Uranium, and will be just as dangerous!! So for all of our sakes, Republican’s and Democrats, we must all stand up to our king’s corrupt influence, until he reluctantly accepts that we must remove him! But this self-centered dictator, (Trump), may find another way to scrap the elections and establish himself as the guy with a divine right to occupy the Oval office–(many more times)! The only way to dislodge him will be accomplished at the hands of another regimes or political powers that wage war on him, the White House, (and) whomever is left in our late, great, Democracy!

    Trump has damaged our countries reputation at home and around the world (and although I would have scoffed at my next words a year ago), now I am dead serious–Trump must go because our democracy and our country will cease to exist unless we take his hands off of the wheel of state NOW!– by Jan. 20th 2021! Another 4 Trump years, will be devastating for all of us!!

    Thanks for all your efforts POP, you are an excellent writer who has a way of condensing false facts and misinformation, in such a way, that makes us aware of what the corrupt elements in our country are trying to do! Then we will pass laws only with the permission of our now, autocratic, corrupt, and banana Republics regimes, which fight wars to install new military Juntas. And we will all be dominated by leaders who not only spread false “facts,” and spread them in such a way, that most Americans will fall for his “alternate reality” where dictators make sure we belive only what they tell us to believe- hook line, and sinker!

    Keep writing POP, you have become a beacon of light that permeates even the darkest of nights.

  3. I should have said this near the end of my comments above:

    And we will all be dominated by leaders who not only spread false “facts,” but spread them in such a way, that most Americans will fall for their “alternate reality” where dictators make sure we belive only what they tell us to believe- hook line, and sinker!

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