Possibly Significant Announcement

The pandemic hath wrought changes and disruptions to the lives of people worldwide. For the worse and/or for the better. In my case, it has nudged me toward semi-retirement from my usual career, and into a whole new venture. Beginning this week, I will undertake a tour of several months (as in nearly a year) doing volunteer work (mostly teaching) in needy communities in several different countries.

The reason I am bringing this up is that it could affect my output for this blog. It’s quite likely that some of the locations where I will be serving will have limited Internet access. While that will have the positive result of exposing me to less right-wing lunacy, it also could make me less productive in my online projects. It’s hard to say at this point just how different my activities in cyberspace will be.

Just be aware that posts may be less frequent than usual for the next few months.


    • So far, Internet service has been good. So depending on how busy I am with my volunteer duties, perhaps my schedule won’t be thrown off very much.

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