Temporarily Off Grid

This is just to let my readers know that from September 5 through 15, I will be totally incommunicado.

No email, no texting, no phone, no Internet, not even snail mail. This, unless I am much mistaken, will be the longest period I have ever been disconnected from the outside world. Even growing up on an isolated farm with no telephone service, I had radio and (eventually) TV, and I sent and received mail frequently.

I do plan to cue up a couple of posts to go live on this blog during that time. But I will not be able to see, approve, or respond to, any comments any earlier than Sept. 16.

I’m looking forward to this temporary vanishing act for several reasons. One of which is that it will provide me a much needed break from more than 20 years of constantly monitoring the contemporary world’s staggering level of insanity and stupidity. And I hope that upon my return to the cyber age, I’ll be able to tackle the lunacy with renewed vigor.

See you then.

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