You Might Be In a Cult If…

You use the word “woke” without quotation marks

You blame George Soros for something you don’t like. Anything. Ever.

You call a story “fake news” without investigating to see if it really is

You think wanting to outlaw abortion means you are “pro-life”

You believe Fox is really news

You put pictures of Former Guy on… well, anything (except maybe toilet paper)

You find yourself applying the word “hoax” a lot to news stories

You call anyone who doesn’t concur with your ideology a communist

You call someone who doesn’t concur with your ideology a fascist – and think there’s no contradiction with having just called them a communist too

You believe Dr. Fauci is a villain

You believe that kneeling during the National Anthem is “disrespecting the troops”

You believe the 2020 election was “stolen”

You believe the U.S. was founded as a Christian nation

You believe that having more guns makes us safer

You believe the Electoral College provides more “balance” in elections

You believe that God (or prayer) has been banned from public schools

You believe that mainstream media has a liberal bias

You think Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson or Alex Jones is a journalist

You believe that Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and/or Thomas Sowell is an intellectual

You believe that college campuses suppress conservative voices

You believe that Former Guy is a Christian

You believe that Hillary’s emails and Hunter’s laptop contain vital secrets

You believe that “both sides” are to blame

You believe that watching a Youtube video qualifies you to discredit the experts

You believe that Critical Race Theory teaches kids to hate white people

You believe that “illegal” immigrants are a threat

You believe that scientific and statistical facts are subject to verification by comparing them to personal beliefs

(NOTE: If three or more of these apply to you, there is absolutely no doubt.)


  1. On the Dr. Fauci is a villain: I’m wary of certain progressives who have also been pushing this nonsense since the pandemic. While Cigar Injeti of Breaking Points is not a progressive, his side kick, Krystal Balls is alleged to be. Last year, while at The Hill: Rising, they appeared on the Toe Rogan show attacking Fauci as a fraud and as someone who secretly collaborated with Chinese virologists to create the coronavirus as a bioweapon. These two are supposed to be a left/right perspective, but they come off looking more like enlightened centrists, as the vast majority of their videos are critical of Democrats, while ignoring everything the Republican party and MAGA Republicans do or say. For instance, Ball, a former employee of MSNBC, has been highly critical of Russia Gate. In 2019 she attacked Rachel Maddow for her commentary and reporting on Russia Gate, comparing her and the network to Alex Jones and Info Wars. They also produced a video on the Maddow and Carlson lawsuits, condemning Maddow as a conspiracy theorist for accurately calling out OAN for having a Russian propagandist – Christian Rouse – as an on-air commentator, while defending Tucker Carlson as an opinionist. They also have produced videos in defense of Libs of Tik Tok, and a video claiming that a Patriot Front march was actually a Fed op, and their source was a Twitter thread. They’ve also claimed that the Gretchen Whitmer debacle was set up by the Feds and that Ray Epps was also a Fed. Breaking Points claims it’s breaking through the mainstream media – and by that they mean MSNBC – lies and disinfo., but all they do is call out one side – the Democrats.

  2. Both sides cannot be right about where the majority of propaganda comes from. And if Democrats are accused of staging Sandy Hook and Parkland school district in Florida, and other bizarre and looney conspiracy theories, then clearly dems are the victims and it’s Trumpists who deserve to be jailed and fined for
    polluting cable TV and other media sources–only hurting the survivors and mislead voters who are afraid that liberals will break down their doors and seize their guns.

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