Getting Political


Let’s get one thing straight : this is NOT a political blog. We do not have an ideology to idealize or idolize. In fact, we detest politics, and wish the whole schmear would just go trickle down a wormhole into a distant galaxy somewhere.


The fact is, there is simply no way to avoid politics altogether these days. It’s the big fart in the elevator of contemporary America. The radical ideologues have succeeded in politicizing absolutely EVERYTHING. Even the freakin’ WEATHER, for heaven’s sake. Just try mentioning global warming at a party, and see how long it takes for someone to comment that you’re “getting political”. We find that absolutely bizarre, and it’s bizarre that almost nobody else seems to find it bizarre.

It would be nice to see a rational discussion about, for instance, the proposed Park 51 center in New York City. Operated by Sufis, it’s to be a focal point for a group devoted to peace and community service. But civil discourse about the proposal is now virtually impossible, because through the alchemy of propaganda, this center 2 blocks from the WTC site has been miraculously transmuted into a “mosque at ground zero”, a symbol of triumph by terrorists thumbing their noses at America. And, of course, it’s become a hot-button “political” topic. (Okay class, shall we all scratch our heads in unison?)

Unavoidably then, we will be touching on a great deal of “political” material. And most of it will center on the propaganda of Republicanoids. Because if you want to learn an art form properly, you study the masters. And not only do the Republicanoids and their media accomplices leave their hapless Democratish counterparts in the dust, they are probably the most accomplished propagandists the world has ever seen. Their propaganda machine is staggeringly well-oiled (Republicanoids outspent Democratites 2 to 1 in the recent midterm campaign),meticulous, intense, widespread, unrelenting and at times breathtakingly brazen.

So yes, we will be looking at politics. Far too much of it. But we’ll also be looking at the successful application of propaganda to other fields, including news, entertainment, education, law, and religion. All of which (in case you haven’t noticed) have also been highly politicized.


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