What I Learned From the Media About Clinton and Trump (and the Media)


So it’s a choice between “two evils”, two candidates who are pretty much equally flawed . That’s been the official media narrative about the 2016 election for many moons now, supposedly supported by a constant stream of soundbites. But actually listen to the soundbites, and this is what they really say:

Clinton is an “old 68 or 69”. Trump is a “young 70”.

Clinton (who has been married to the same man more than 40 years) has a rotten marriage and is surely impossible to live with. Trump (currently on his third marriage) has a “blended family”.

Clinton (whose statements have been found of questionable accuracy 27 percent of the time, and more accurate than those of any of her opponents) is a chronic pathological liar. Trump (whose statements are at least questionable 69 percent of the time, and are often verifiable, outrageous whoppers) is “very creative with the truth” while “telling it like it is”.

Clinton (on the basis of breathless speculation) is a “crook”, an unscrupulous “lawbreaker” who should be locked up. Trump (who has a long history of verifiable corruption) is a “rule breaker”.

The Clinton Foundation (despite no evidence of wrongdoing) still continually “raises questions”. The Trump Foundation (which has been fined by the IRS and may be investigated for fraud) hardly raises an eyebrow.

By running attack ads that quote her opponent’s own words, Clinton is being nasty, divisive and vicious. By rehashing long-discredited rumors and allegations about his opponent, Trump is being bold, direct and plain-speaking.

Clinton (whose unflappable poise and whose grace under extreme fire are legendary) is “grating”, “shrill”, a “witch”, a “bitch”, a “cunt” – at least when she isn’t busy being “robotic”, which probably isn’t when she’s laughing or smiling or smirking too much. Trump (who interrupted her as many as 51 times during the first debate and has threatened and condoned violence against dissenters) is a “strong leader” who “takes control”.

Clinton (who has cooperated with years of very thorough, blatantly partisan investigations) is “hiding something”. Trump (who refuses to release his tax returns) is a straight shooter and a “genius”.

Clinton (who  has decades of distinguished experience in government in various capacities) carries “baggage”. Trump ( who has zero government experience, zero training in law, and little or no knowledge of the Constitution, but does have a long history of shady business practices) is a fresh face, a maverick, a Mr. Smith.

Clinton (who worked her way up from humble beginnings and has always concerned herself with the less fortunate) is an “elitist”. Trump (who was born rich and has devoted his life to becoming richer) is a “blue collar billionaire”. No, seriously.

Clinton (who has defended the Constitution for decades) is anti-American, a traitor. Trump (who has campaigned on pledges to violate the Constitution and international treaties, and has repeatedly insulted veterans and POWs) is a super-patriot.

The most important things about Clinton are emails, Benghazi, emails, The Clinton Foundation, emails, her laugh, emails, her hairstyle, emails, her dress, emails, her marital troubles, and emails. The most important thing about Trump is his “message” – whatever it may be.

So what conclusion do all of these bread crumbs lead to? Don’t be silly. They prove that the American mainstream media have an overwhelming liberal bias and they’ve gunning for Trump while pimping for Clinton. After all, the liberal media themselves have told us so, many times. So has Trump. And most Americans believe it. So that settles it.



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  1. Once again I love the way you point out the bizarre irony which permeates the public’s attitude about Trump, Clinton and the media, which the only thing any of us can usually say about it is, “go figure?”

    I know that Clinton is considered downright evil by those who politically denigrate her, and that for many, she represents the person they most love to hate. But even concerning any possible ethical misdemeanors committed while SOS, (creating contacts between government officials and international donors to the Clinton foundation) I cannot understand why her doing such things that are perfectly normal for government officials to do (though perhaps considered officially wrong) She has not collected a penny in personal profits by doing them. So, are faults like these enough to make her inio the evil person so many see her as?

    You also make a good point in mentioning how all of the Donald’s similar and sometimes even more legally reprehensible acts, go unmentioned—or go as little mentioned as possible in the press. Yet an irate Republican party outright blames the “liberal press” for its own shabby treatment of HIllary (making her faults seem ten times worse than they are)? It’s just insane that we see more and more of this obscene election prattle parading before our eyes every day—knowing that a good portion of it is probably nothing but a collection of lies.

    Even if one tries to play the devil’s advocate, and dismisses Trump’s many sophomoric ploys as being typical among winning alpha males like him, one can’t help but reflect on the fact that many potty mouthed male chauvinist, have also entertained the same kinds of intellectual travesties that Trump has. But, they don’t flaunt their own inappropriate natures by trying to flaunt them as some sort of anti-politically correct virtues? However, Trump’s recent live microphone comments about women, have actually caused him to issue a sort of half-assed apology for his use of the offensive language about women—SO HALLELUJAH !! A MIRACLE HAS HAPPENED!! Tumps mind has been given a nudge towards real and possilble quality of personal humility!

    About this entire “liberal media” favoring democrats and liberals thing, which is obviously not the case—during FBI Director Comey’s testimony he grilled HIllary like a well done steak–and did not scrimp on the rub a bit! And during the coverage of her scandals on MSNBC, CNN, and FOX CNN, I heard plenty of harsh criticisms from the press about Hillary. So, perhaps, as bizarre as it may seem, the press is perceived as being liberally biased simply because journalists as a whole, tend to be better educated and interested in factual reporting, while the loudmouthed commentators on FOX are interested primarily in distorting fact to suit their own political agendas. And many of us believe the things we believe, simply because we have been told over and over again via obsessive media coverage, what to believe, and what not to! Even though from the viewpoint of the press, they are merely doing their best to cover one or more ever scandalous stories.

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