A Tale For Future Generations


Once upon a time, kiddies, a once-great nation held this election for what they called a president. And one of the major candidates had no qualifications for the job whatsoever. Furthermore, he actually campaigned on pledges to violate the nation’s constitution and international treaties. In fact, his comments indicated he was totally unfamiliar with those documents.

He repeatedly insulted women, Muslims, Hispanics, African-Americans, veterans and POWs.

He repeatedly called his opponent a liar, even though it was established that he lied far more often and far more severely. Some of his lies were downright hallucinatory; he more than once claimed, for instance, that he had witnessed “thousands” of Muslims cheering in the streets of Manhattan on 9-11.

He relentlessly repeated the silly allegation that his opponent was a criminal, and even threatened to have her jailed if he was elected — something a president would not even be able to do (although a dictator could).

He threatened to sue at least 20 people who dared criticize him during his campaign.

He himself was the target of at least 75 legal actions, including an investigation for rape of a minor. (Most of the people didn’t know about these transgressions because they were all obsessed with something they called email.)

He promoted the outrageous and thoroughly debunked lie that his opponent had been responsible for the deaths of 4 people at a consulate; and he exploited the grief and anger of the victims’ relatives.

He praised the “leadership” of some of the world’s most ruthless dictators.

He had a suspicious relationship with a hostile nation, and openly challenged them to try to influence the election.

He boasted about molesting women, and even snatching their cats. When caught, he responded the way he usually responded — by blaming someone else for causing his deplorable behavior.

He circulated the lie that the current president was not a citizen. When caught, he falsely claimed his opponent had started the rumor.

During what was known as the primaries (they had an extended season of public torture back then) he suggested that the father of one of his opponents had been involved in the assassination of another president, citing the National Enquirer as documentation.

He refused to release his tax returns, claiming it was because they were being audited (another lie) and admitted to dodging taxes for years.

He proposed committing torture, and bombing women and children.

He called climate change a hoax created by the Chinese.

He proposed building a wall between his nation and a neighbor, and insisted that the neighbor would pay for it.

He mocked a disabled reporter.

He condoned violence by his supporters, and claimed that his opponent did likewise. At some gatherings of his supporters, protesters were physically attacked.

He was enthusiastically endorsed, cheered and promoted by the KKK, the American Nazi Party, and other white supremacist groups and “militias”.

When it appeared he was losing, he began protesting, far in advance of the election, that it was “rigged”, and took the unprecedented stance that he might not accept the results. Meanwhile, he encouraged his own supporters to harass and intimidate “suspicious” (i.e., minority) voters at the polls.

He also claimed that media were rigged against him — even though the media literally created his candidacy in the first place, and gave him far more publicity than anyone else — including more positive coverage and less negative coverage.

He had a long history of failed, shady and unscrupulous business practices; evidence indicates that, born wealthy, he probably would have been better off financially had he never gone into business at all.

He faced an opponent who was better qualified for the job than just about any other candidate in the nation’s history — except that she was female.

But golly, he had such a nifty slogan, and he was willing to pander to the religious right by posing as “pro-life”. So he won. And all over this once-great nation, his followers celebrated by escalating their assaults on minorities. Tyrants and terrorists abroad also cheered his victory.


And he used his power as president to make his struggling business empire great again. And he lived happily ever after even if nobody else did.

No, no, no. This is NOT like the time I told you about the talking pumpkin.


  1. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around all the damage that will result from this election, but maybe I can focus on little pieces, one at a time.

    The “news” media has clearly exposed itself as an enemy of the United States. It has tampered with our elections for profit.

  2. Yes, the fact that someone like Trump was actually elected President of America is not only fascinating but in my case, somewhat scary.

    You do a good job in listing many of the outright ugly and wacky facts about Trump’s campaign. So personally, I have to conclude that just as Obama warned us not to let happen, many of those who voted for him were “bamboozled” ONCE AGAIN, to vote against the candidate that would really have been the best alternative for the middle class.

    His followers must have been so mesmerized by the idea that working men were not being given a fair break—that even though an unemployment rate like ours–4.9% which was better than under Bush prior to 911—and despite the fact that the value of household income is now slowly rising? Their hero successfully planted a picture of total financial ruin caused of course, by Clinton?
    And then there was the fact that the political obstruction paralyzing Washington, is not really being done by both sides, as Republicans would wantus believe, and that Obamacare had recently suffered an irreparable set back caused partially by the fact that GOP lawmakers refused to allow certain vital provisions in the ACA to stand—partly because they legislated against other significant revenues, not being applied to ease the losses suffered on the exchanges (even though they were allowed under the ACA?

    Since I have a disabled wife, I was very upset by Trumps childish impressions of a disabled reporter struggling to form a question. I also found it unconscionable that Trump dissed John McCain for not being such a good soldier, simply because he survived being tortured by the Viet Cong for years? And Trumps refusal to let a Muslim family mourn their heroic fallen son by initiating an endless Twitter war, launched by Trump during their appearance at the Democratic Convention, was merely politicizing his sons death (never mind that a woman who had lost her son in Benghazi) spoke with tears in her eyes about HIllary not giving a straight story about the death of her own son?

    Many of us who have watched the latest campaign cycle unfold, are worried by the fact that Trump was able to say or do any gross egotistical things he desired, while all the while, being covered by the most successful fact spinners in the world.

    Yet the Oct. 28th statement by Comey took Clinton from being double digits ahead, despite the fact that in many contests, she was winning anyway and backed down to figures driven mainly by the message of hate and larceny applied to Clinton with a stubborn and sometime embarrassingly false pretense.

    Comey could have simply held back his announcement until after the elections, but instead, his subtle innuendos linking Weiner’s laptop and her server were blown all out of proportion, as being somehow indicative of her clearly criminal behaviors. So Clinton’s case, was immediately transformed by the mainstream and rightwing press into something it was not! And Instead, the message was made that we were all not being fair to a poor defenseless billionaire like him?

    In a perfect world, because all kinds of savory information exists—we certainly can assess and correct it. But one big fear is that Trump will toss out and immediately repeal the ACA. But we must hope that he replaces it with a system at least almost as good, what the insurance industry had previously charged before 2010. If not, millions of individuals and families will loose the best medical insurance that they ever had!

    The most we can expect is that Trump will soften his attitude and be influenced by level headed cabinet members with him. As you say he knows little or nothing about how to handle the world situation, and how to improve the economy.

    However I just don’t believe it, and cannot get the image out of my mind of hundreds of Trump supporters chanting “lock Her Up! Lock Her Up! seeming like a Klan meeting of people psyching themselves up before possibly murdering black men.

    Clinton really is the most prepared. learned, and knowledge, candidate concerning how washington works. while Trump truly knows very little about using the “ropes” available to him. And he is also so wrong on so many levels, that he immediately loses my trust! My hope is that no matter what happens in America, those of us dependent on welfare, will find some other sources to help us survive. Many of the experts have said that our completely reducing our collective debt will take at least centuries or deades to resolve. So in the meantime why can’t we let Obstruction in the ACA, be treated as if it were not caused only by Democrats—including the first parts of tonight’s election?

  3. I should have said:

    “So in the meantime we can’t we let Obstruction “OF” the ACA, be treated as if it “WERE CAUSED” only by Democrats— while the lies and unethical tactics of Republicans serve to tilt the balance in tonight’s election towards Donald, with the aid of millions of disillusioned and angry “Trumpets?”

  4. Pres. elect DJ Trump’s sexually harassed some women, but I don’t thinkhe rapes 12 year old girls. Pres. elect DJ Trump has denied some accusations by saying that some of the women accusers are too ugly for him to sexually harass. Pres. elect DJ Trump sexually harassed women he found pretty. As he can find many young beautiful women to have sex with, don’t think he’d rape women who don’t want him, though he sexually harassed & even abused women. Pres. elect DJ Trump (I do not support him) got some non-White votes-8% Black, 29% Hispanic, 29% Asian & some American Indian or Native American votes. Any protesters who wanted Hillary Diane Clinton to be Pres. but didn’t vote, have no right to complain about Pres. elect DJ Trump. He won the election fair. As Pres. Obama said-don’t boo, vote.

  5. Thanks to POP for allowing my post. Before continuing with President elect DJ Trump, as Peter W. Johnson & POP knows, I wrote in May 2015 that I’d no longer post here, but have visited this site sometimes to read what is posted. Peter W. Johnson & I have debated each other on another website. Now to President elect DJ Trump.

    We’ll find out if what Pres. elect DJ Trump said about wanting to build a wall with Mexico & deport illegal immigrants to be true or just talk to get elected. Fact is that we’ve been helping Mexico since 1866, when President Johnson send thousands of American soldiers to Rio Grande to tell the French (who were there from 1862-1867 against Monroe Doctrine) to leave Mexico or fight a war with the US. We have since then been giving mostly 1 way help to Mexico be it American industries doing business so outsourcing jobs to Mexico & US helping illegal aliens mostly Mexican is part of the US help to Mexico, which won’t change much regardless of the Republican majority.

    With illegal aliens, I don’t think schools & hospitals should get involved in immigration. Immigration’s job must be done by Federal Govt., not schools & hospitals. Schools must educate students, regardless of student’s immigration status & a Dr.’s job is to treat patients, regardless of whether the patient’s immigration status. I don’t go to the extreme things which Pres. elect DJ Trump said, but we should help Americans first before we help foreign citizens, esp. illegal aliens. Again, our help to Mexico is mostly 1 way help, where we do alot to help them incl. American tourists visiting Mexico, but we don’t get as much back from Mexico. Mexico’s immigration laws doesn’t tolerate illegal immigration. Pres. DJ Trump is right on some things on the immigration topic but not the extreme he has said & we’ll find out if he said what he means.

    Pres. elect DJ Trump is an arrogant billionaire-of course he has been successful & billionaires like him are often arrogant & haughty. As a billionaire, my guess is that he hired many Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, & during Boxer Mike G. Tyson’s prime, he was the 1 who got some of Michael Gerard Tyson’s (I met Mike G. Tyson on January 5, 1999) fights @ his hotel. I wouldn’t compare President elect DJ Trump to a Nazi & KKK. Yes, white supremacists supported him, but I don’t think he is a white supremacist. Again, I don’t support Pres. elect DJ Trump as I didn’t vote for him. I don’t trust politicians of either party.

    While Pres. elect DJ Trump says he is pro-life, time will tell if he says what he believes or did he just say this to get elected? It wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out if he supports abortion rights but only said he’s pro-life to get elected. I’m neutral on abortion.

    President elect DJ Trump has talked about energy & global warming. As posters know, I support nuclear/atomic energy & I also support geothermal, hydroelectric dams. We need to save fossil fuels & coals. President elect DJ Trump is wrong to promote coal & fossil fuels such as natural gas, because we need to save the fossil fuels.

    President elect DJ Trump has said that he wants to defund global warming studies. With global warming, it’s possible that global warming would still be happening naturally. Yes, there’s ideology on the global warming topic. But we’re better off w/o pollution & we’re better of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. I compare global warming to the tobacco & emphysema. Some people get emphysema because they have bad genes and some people get emphysema because they smoke tobacco. Then there are people who use tobacco their whole life, but do not die of any tobacco disease because they have good genes. But it’s better to not use tobacco. Not all smokers get emphysema, but if you smoke, you raise your risks of emphysema.

    Global warming discussions on pollution must be thought of the same way as tobacco. It’s better to not have pollution, incl. greenhouse gas pollution. It’s possible that even w/o greenhouse gas pollution, that global warming would still happen, because earth’s temperatures would change regradless. But cleaning pollution is a good idea. I think greenhouse gas pollution adds to global warming, but it’s possible that global warming would still happen regardless. President elect DJ Trump should make the global warming discussion easy with cleaning pollution.

    We will see how President elect DJ Trump does on these topics & others. Like it or not, he won the election fair. Now let’s see how he does. If any1 has thoughts, then please comment, as I have for a short time returned to POP, after having been away since May 2015.

  6. Have other things to add to Pres. elect DJ Trump in my short return to POP. Before I do that, let me say that what I have usu.do is listening to music on Internet such as Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta), Justin Drew Bieber, etc. I have posted on other forums such as Volconvo, used to post on Hannity forums for a short time (Dec. 2015 to 2016), but I left forums.hannity after June 2016 as it became mostly copy/paste or copy&paste with the same posters that I got bored. Now to main topic which are other things about Pres. elect DJ Trump which Propaganda Professor wrote about.

    -I think alot of what Pres. elect DJ Trump said before the election could turn out to just be talk to get elected. He attacked Hillary’s emails, but while what Hillary did using private email could be dumb, I don’t think she will be prosecuted. It’s unlikely that Hillary read or replied to all the emails she got & none of them endangered national security. Both Hillary Diane Clinton & Donald J. Trump talked with forked tongue to get elected.

    -Presidential debates were alot of the candidates attacking & interrupting eachother. After the first debate, the 2nd debate became dull (didn’t watch the whole thing) because it repeated the same things. DJ Trump is arrogant, haughty & sometimes rude. But again, I think alot of what DJ Trump does is talk-his insults of others, how he uses F word, etc. which are little action. I wouldn’t be surprised if story of him stealing women’s cats did not happen because if he did that, my guess would be that @least 1 of the woman would call police to say he kidnapped their pet. So it could be him joking.

    -His tax returns. He should pay more in taxes. Don’t think he needs that much money. But if IRS thought he was doing income tax crimes, the Federal Government would have prosecuted him for Federal crimes & not just audit him.

    -Violence by supporters, etc. Yes, there have been anecdotal cases of violence committed by both Trump & Clinton supporters. But I don’t think they were behind that. There have been cases of teachers getting students to protest DJ Trump’s election. This is wrong as it’s adults using kids to push a political agenda, because the adults wanted Hillary & not Donald to be the President. I don’t think Hillary or Donald are behind this & I don’t think they would support this. Teachers must not push their political beliefs on students because a teacher’s job is to teach, not push political agendas.

    If a kid says that he or she supported DJ Trump for President, the adult teacher could punish the student, because the student gave a view which differed from the teacher. I don’t think Hillary’s behind that just as I don’t think DJ Trump’s behind what some of his supporters did. Most media hasn’t talked as much about teachers using schoolkids to protest Trump’s election, while trying to punish students who supported Trump.

    Pres. elect DJ Trump can talk big, but think he knows that he can’t stop people’s free speech right to speak against him & he can’t censor the media. He was right about how most media is biased against him. Many Americans no longer trust mainstream media on some topics. ABC, CBS, NBC, & CNN have seen their ratings go down because many people don’t trust their news. Many newspapers get fewer readers.

    We heard about how CNN polls showed that Hillary D. Clinton would be elected President. My guess would be that most people who watch CNN, AABC news, etc. already agreed with those journalists (such as Anderson Cooper) biases against DJ Trump & thus would vote for Hillary. DJ Trump supporters spend less time watching CNN, etc. as they’ll think the news is biased & less likely to answer the poll. Even Fox News has been losing ratings, because people have been disappointed with Fox, finding that it’s not much better than CNN on some topics. Some people are getting their news from WND, Lifesite, DailyBeast, because they got tired of Fox News.

    Media coverage of DJ Trump became dull because when so many newspapers & networks tell you the same things attacking him, then there isn’t much to regard because we’ve heard this so many times before. The attacks on Hillary Diane Clinton be the few medias hostile to her also became dull as it’s hearing the same things repeated many times.

    Finally, Pres. elect DJ Trump is wrong on the gun topic. If people want to own a gun, then they must go through the same reqts. as people who drive do such as license, registration, insurance, etc. I don’t want people who don’t understand guns owning guns just as I don’t want people who don’t know how to drive, driving a car. Incidentally, I think that if adults leave guns near kids & the kid while playing with guns (not knowing the gun is loaded) kills or wounds another, then the adult should go to jail for negligent homicide. Adult gun owners who have small kids should be reqd. to make sure that their kids understand guns or else they should not be allowed to own a gun.

    Anyhow, those are other thoughts in my short return to POP & if you have thoughts, then please comment.

  7. Proving that ratings for ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, Fox News & CNN has gone down over the years, see these 3 links http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/fox-news-takes-huge-hit-ratings/

    While CNN, ABC News, PBS, CBS, Fox and NBC compete with eachother & newspapers, they all give same biased news coverage with the elections, saying the same things. The same thing with newspapers. Media makes their money from advertisers. Yes, news is the same when covered by different networks & newspapers. You can’t change facts.

    When journalists & broadcasters give the same views usu. attacking Pres. elect DJ Trump, it’s the competitors saying the same thing. Facts don’t change and can’t compete when reporting them but views can compete and when reporting is biased such as CNN Anderson Hays Cooper and Fox News David Shepard Smith giving views against DJ Trump when reporting news, then it’s not competing views.

    I usu. do not watch the news on American news networks & almost never read the newspapers. Newspapers & news networks compete with each other with regard to viewers & advertisers, but they usu. don’t compete when it comes to the views of the journalists. It’s among these reasons why fewer people trust the news when it comes to some topics such as the 2016 Presidential election. Many people who watch those networks already agree with the journalists biases against President elect DJ Trump. Some viewers will watch let’s say CBS & ABC news to hear the journalists bias against Pres. Trump such as watch ABC News 1 night, CBS news the next night & so on.

    Same thing with the few media sources which were against Hillary Diane Clinton by watching or reading the media against Hillary such as comparing WND to Lifesite news. Many people will watch what agrees with them. Finally, here’s a link I did where I talk of why I stopped posting on Forums.hannity (my last edit there was June 2016) because I got bored of talking about the same topics there & lost interest because among other things even on message boards, viewers usu. read what agrees with them unless it’s to irritate posters who differ http://forums.hannity.com/showthread.php?2462585-Abner-s-last-topic-on-Forums-Hannity-Abner-leaving-Forums-Hannity-Any-thoughts

  8. One thing, the media is not supposed to be a source of entertainment which has to compete among its various networks to keep the news interesting or else lose their customers. Yes, there is an element of entertainment involved, and the reputations of interesting reporters who work for various news outlets will always be a draw, but journalists and an objective press are supposed to exist primarilly to provide truthful, free, and accurate information, to the public. And although CNN ran with the initial idea that Comey’s mention that Anthony Weiner’s laptop might be somehow pertinent to certain emails which “might” be relevant to Clintons private server—just as Fox News and others networks did. But, after Comey’s second statement much of the media did try and walk back their original reporting. However by that time the damage had been done, and many people went to the polls on Nov. 8th and voted with renewed distrust for anything possibly involving the Clintons anyway!

    And while social upheavals and political controversies come and go like the proverbial Trolley cars, of which a new one will be along in 10 minutes, it is exceedingly bizarre that as his chief advisor Trump appointed a white nationalist who should never have been acceptable for such a position in the first place! But, even if Trump is not a true Nazi, the fact that many who are genuinely of that ilk, approve of and are attracted to his politics, is worrisome enough.

    Like President Obama pointed out, we should give Trump a chance, and support him when his goals might do the country good, but that sure as Hell does not mean we should look the other way whenever he and his potential rubber stamp Congress, begin to legislate laws that are grossly unfair, partisan, or outright unconstitutional!

  9. My final views (as my last post didn’t get posted) in my short return here on media bias usu. in favor of Sen. Hillary Diane Clinton & against Pres. DJ Trump during 2016 election. As known, reporters from CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN (like Anderson Hays Cooper), PBS & most newspapers journalists supported Hillary and opposed Donald for President. Now facts are the same when in comes to news but journalists views on news can be different. Also how journalists report the facts can show bias.

    When it came to both Hillary and Diane, journalists usu. gave ½ truths or ½ facts on both candidates, reporting some facts but omitting other important facts. Most media did this with DJ Trump but the few medias which were against Hillary did this also with Sen. Hillary Diane Clinton. I saw nothing illegal which Hillary did with her emails, though what she did was dumb. I don’t think she read all emails sent to her, but she didn’t do anything illegal. Of course websites which supported DJ Trump for Pres. made a big deal about the emails.

    Few websites hostile to Hillary, condemned her for defending a man who raped a 12 year old girl in the 1970s. Lawyers (no surprise) are often arrogant people where it’s about winning & not the facts. Hillary was doing her job as a defense lawyer which was to give her client the best defense, though the client’s a bad person. Again, Hillary was no better than Donald in that both talk with forked tongue & lawyers do that to give their client best representation. Juries decide if what is said is true or false.

    But as said, ratings for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS & Fox have been going down & fewer people read the newspapers, because they don’t trust the journalists reporting on some topics. When 20/20, 60 Minutes and Dateline rerun the same views about how DJ Trump’s a bad Presidential choice, there isn’t much to regard. When Anderson Hays Cooper & David Shepard Smith bash Trump, saying the same things, then there isn’t much to regard.

    Even on Internet media, fewer people read Huffington Post & Daily Kos, because among other things, those 2 sites rerun the same views on some topics incl. how bad they think DJ Trump is and how good Hillary is. When the same views are repeated by Media Matters, Daily Kos, Huffington Post, etc., most people who read them are those who agree with what they say.

    Most people who watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN & PBS agree with the media bias, while people who differ will watch less of these networks & go on other media sites. Alternative media sources have been getting more viewers because many people don’t trust mainstream media (which again is why ratings have been going down for mainstream media) on topics such as 2016 Presidential election.

    They have found that even with TV shows, ratings have been going down for the networks because when a TV show pushes views incl. political views, which is repeated on other network shows, it gets dull to hear the same views. Incidentally, fewer people go to the movies than they did years ago because Hollywood has lost creativity such as doing remakes, sequels or making movies with the same topics repeated so many times rerunning the same views.

    We saw how celebrities usu. supported Hillary, such as Katy Elizabeth Perry, Jay Z, etc., which is their right as American citizens to do so, while we saw how celebrities spoke against DJ Trump, such as Adele Laurie Blue Adkins telling Donald not to use her song Rolling in the Deep during the campaign. After DJ Trump won the election, we have again heard celebrities Ariana Grande, Katy E. Perry, etc. talk of how they’re crying that he won, etc.

    Now I like music by Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, etc. & again I did not vote for DJ Trump. I did not vote for Hillary. But I don’t decide because celebrities say so. Celebrities have a free speech right to give their political views, but most people don’t care about celebrities political views. It’s no surprise media would give the celebrities views, but a celebrity’s view is just a citizen’s view. DJ Trump won the election and the Republicans are the majority in both Senate & Representatives House.

    Possibly because celebrities accomplish more than most in life, that they think average people care what they think. Pres. Obama seems irritated by the people who have protest DJ Trump winning the election, with Pres. Obama saying that it’s a democratic process and that like it or not DJ Trump won the election fair. We’ll find out if DJ Trump says what he means when he succeeds Pres. Obama or did DJ Trump just say what he did to get elected?

  10. POP, are you getting my comments, I used to just use the url for this website to post, but now I have to log in with Facebook. Please let me know if you are seeing what I write.

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