Propaganda Prop # 2: Flag Waving

When the 112th Congress, freshly perked up with newly elected Tea Party darlings, convened this week, they did something that had never been done before: they read the entire Constitution on the floor of the House. The whole thing. No, really. Well, except for, um, the parts they didn’t want to read.

In a sane society, the common reaction to such grandstanding would be disbelief if not outrage. After all, the time for reading the Constitution is long before you even decide to run for public office, not after you come to town to do the job on the taxpayer dime. But instead, the typical reaction was, “How nifty. Somebody in Washington is finally paying attention to the Constitution.”

Which is, of course, precisely the reaction they wanted. They were making good use of another common technique from the propagandist’s toolkit: flag waving – i.e., wrapping oneself in the cloak of patriotism. Patriotism itself is nothing objectionable, mind you. It becomes propaganda when patriotism is equated with a particular partisan ideology. And in contemporary America, that almost always means “conservatism” (which in truth is anything but conservative, but that’s another story).

But there is certainly nothing new about the tactic itself. Back in 1775, Samuel Johnson remarked that “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”.  To which others have replied that it’s actually the first. Neither is strictly accurate; flag-waving is not the most commonly used propaganda technique. In fact, we hadn’t planned to cover it so soon, but sometimes a timely news item like the one above serves you something so delicious you just have to feast on it. On the other hand, it’s not the last thing propagandists would think of using, either.

The objective in wrapping your ideology in a star-spangled cloak is not just to make yourself appear patriotic, but to make those who do not wholeheartedly support your ideology appear unpatriotic. The Teabaggers want not only to present themselves as champions of the Constitution but also to suggest that certain policies of the current administration (especially “Obamacare”) are somehow unconstitutional. Democrats could either refuse to support the reading of the document (in which case the Republicanoids would say “What do you have against the Constitution, anyway?”) or go along with it (in which case they could say, “Aha! Why didn’t you think of this?”) Either way, brilliant ploy.

Every now and then, as if to validate the maxim that nothing is so enduring as a bad idea, certain right-wingers demonstrate their reverence for the Constitution in another way: proposing to alter it in order to ban flag-burning. That’s right: a political faction that loudly proclaims its support of “limited government” and personal liberty wants to give the government power to dictate how individuals might use their own property when it’s adorned with the very emblem of that liberty. The mind reels.

Just how big a problem do you suppose flag-burning is, anyway? When was the last time you ever even heard of an American citizen burning the flag? Thirty years ago? Forty? But there’s one prediction you can take to the bank: if they ever do succeed in passing such legislation, there will be THOUSANDS of flag burners in the streets to protest it. And virtually all of them will be genuine patriots who never would have imagined they’d do such a thing, but feel it’s their duty to challenge such idiocy.  (I might even be the first to strike a match.) Surely even Glenn Beck can figure that one out. But then, the real objective is not to protect the flag (as if there were only one in existence) or liberty; the real objective is to present themselves as morally superior by being patriotically superior.

This kind of tactic has been a right-wing staple at least since McCarthy, who under the pretext of ferreting out communist spies and subversives, put stars in his own crown by persecuting anyone who varied in the slightest from the conventional mold – which potentially included everyone.  And all you really need to know about most of today’s right-wing extremists is that they regard McCarthy as an unjustly maligned hero. Never mind that he destroyed the lives of countless innocent people; he was on the “right” side, so he was a demigod. (Ironic historical footnote that will no doubt be deemed as irrelevant: Yes, Virginia, there were a few communists lurking around. And how many did McCarthy actually find?)

In the post-Cold War world, it has become difficult to label your fellow Americans as communists without making yourself sound like a total ass (which doesn’t stop some from doing it anyway), so the usual approach is to tone down the epithet to “socialist” instead. (Neither communist nor socialist is really synonymous with un-American, but just try explaining that to a Tea Partier.) It’s not unusual for them to brand the president as a communist, a socialist and a fascist all at once, blissfully unaware of any contradiction.

James Watt, who was Secretary of the Interior under Ronald Reagan, allegedly summed up the attitude by saying, “I never use the words Democrats and Republicans. It’s liberals and Americans”. More recently, Minnesota representative Michele Bachmann channeled McCarthy by declaring, “I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out if they are pro-America or anti-America.”

Just take a good look at the right-wing websites, books, magazines, newspapers and TV programs, and you’ll see the same theme hammered on over and over and over: “Liberalism” (whatever that may be) is evil, and “liberals” hate America. That has become the very backbone of contemporary “conservatism”. Consider just a few in the seemingly endless stream of vituperative book titles: “Treason; Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terror”; “Let Freedom Ring; Winning the War of Liberty Over Liberalism”;  “Deliver Us From Evil; Defeating Terrorism, Despotism and Liberalism”; “How the Left Swiftboated America; the Liberal Media Conspiracy to Make You Think George Bush Was the Worst President in History”.

The latter is especially interesting. It says that it isn’t just adherents of a particular ideology, or those who reject a particular ideology, who are un-American. Even criticizing one single person constitutes an attack on America itself – if and only if that person happens to be a Republican. In contrast, right-wingers who attack Barack Obama, even in the vilest and most childish terms, generally label themselves as “patriots”. Today’s “patriots” jeer when the President of the United States is awarded a Nobel Prize, and cheer when he fails to bring the Olympics to America.

And then there’s this literary gem: “The Real America; Messages from the Heart and Heartland”.  Got that? It’s only the “red” states that make up the real Amurrca.  Ask any of Sarah Palin’s admirers (and apparently she does have some) just what she has to offer of value besides being within spittin’ distance of Russia, and the answer you’re likely to get is that she’s a “real American”. You know, as opposed to those plastic Americans who have less reactionary views. Sarah herself is at least savvy enough to cash in on the divisive rhetoric, referring to small towns as “what I call the real America… very patriotic, very pro-America” areas of the country. You know, as opposed to the false America of those elitist metropolitan areas where people think they’re special because of their geographical location, and where major media outlets allow prophets like Palin to get their message out to Real America.

As publicity stunts go, perhaps the reading of the Constitution in Congress is harmless enough. It only cost taxpayers a million or so, and just think, that dough might have been squandered on something totally frivolous like school lunches or public libraries or even (shudder) saving the lives of a few impoverished children through communist/socialist/Marxist/Nazi/Muslim/Klingon healthcare. Maybe the Tea Party will even absorb some of the things the Constitution actually says, to root out what they fantasize it says. (Huh? The Second Amendment is really about militias? Gee, who knew.)

But don’t bet on it. Most likely, it will have exactly the kind of PR payoff they hoped it would. This is indeed the Real America now. And it’s a land where demagoguery, bitter partisanship  and “patriotic” polemics reign supreme. Get used to it.


  1. I agree with you 100 percent on how they used the Constitution to throw in a win/win situation for them. Im niether Republican or Democrat. Im a hardworking American. Im sick of the old Democrats suck the system/Republicans or rich scoundrals who want share fiasco.. In truth the entire propaganda lies within those who control the news/media… and who they are owned by.. take the time to look and see who owns the corporate media… Obama,Romney it doesnt matter they are puppets.. Not saying obama is bad.. but he hasn’t done one thing that he said he would before being elected president. Some would argue thats becasue the Republicans will not let him.. Sadly The Republicans didnt control the house when he was first elected and throughout the first poriton of his term.

    I suppose that it’s ludicrous for people to blame everything on obama or even Romney. We need to quit blaming stuff on Democrats and Republicans. Not all Democrats support the decisions that the Democratic party presents. It goes the same way for the Republicans. Sadley either party is up for sale and thats what needs to be looked at… SuperPacs, Superdelegates etc… what a shame Either way this country is not the same one I was born In. Im watching My country Turn into Nazi Germany. Govermental officals patting everyone down. Yelling terrorist at every corner. Goverment oppresing it citizens to accept their rules and regulations out of fear. Wheather it be an Americna bankruptcy or another attack. An underwear bomber.. then a Sophisticated undearwear bomber. Ive seen it 3 times in my lifetime. I knew it would eventually happen in my country.. Never thought it would happen while I was alive. Hell, i guess thats why it happens.

    • It’s true that there is plenty of corruption and ineptitude in both major parties; but there is far more of it on the Republican side, which is one reason I focus mostly on them (the other reason being that they are much, much MUCH better propagandists). Relax, this country is a long way from being Nazi Germany. But what I’ve noticed is that it’s generally the public figures who are busy comparing the U.S. to Nazi Germany who also seem to be busy trying to MAKE the U.S. like Nazi Germany.

      • You can’t bullshit a bullshitter. They or Republicans in a Republic. Oh wait we or a democracy. They must both be full of shit. A long way, 10 years ago you could board a flight without worrying about being molested by your government. It it wasn’t wrong they wouldn’t have been able to get the status of “Immunity”. If a terrorist wanted to do something they would. They could blow up the airport instead of the plane. Don’t fear those who can kill you. Fear those who can take your land, Your car, Your house, Your kids all legally because of something that same entity deems illegal. All “first” dictators or elected. Im not worried. I will not worry untill a president stops an election and proclaims him/herself Dur Fuhrer or Supreme Leader. Ironic, I can see this happening if their is a major emergency or something of the sort. The Reichstag started hitlers rise to power. I Believe 9/11 will be our dictators. Nothing conspiracal about that. If it’s going to happen we will not notice untill it is too late. Afterall, the Jews in Germany would have fought..if the media wouldn’t been in control of the propaganda. Write an article on who own the media. Should make for a great propaganda article.

      • That’s a good suggestion. I already know a lot about who owns the media, and it ain’t pretty.

  2. Don’t take this the wrong way, because I really appreciate your site, but where did you obtain the $1 million “or so” figure as the cost of reading the Constitution? Is there a source or did you just pull it from the posterior? In a perverted way I kind of want it to be true, but I do want to be sure I’m dealing with facts.

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