Internet Memes: the Good, the Bad and the Awful


Meme doctored

Even though they are often distasteful and disgusting and downright stupid — or perhaps precisely because they are often distasteful and disgusting and downright stupid —  I have a certain fascination with Internet memes. They often encapsulate for better and (mostly) for worse the current moment in history, the present zeitgeist, the current propaganda-ruled culture of the nation I live in. The meme reproduced above (minus the grading) is one that I found especially noteworthy because it epitomizes, as few others I’ve ever seen, what is so egregious about a great many memes, and what is so awry and foul with the current state of public discourse in America. Let’s break it down bit by bit.

1. “Dear Democrats”

Though cloaked in the traditional salutation dear, giving the impression that this is a communication on the order of a friendly letter, this opening is a signal of the blatant polarization to follow. It suggests that nobody besides Democrats (and “liberals”) are alarmed about the current state of affairs in Washington. But so are independents, Libertarians, people with other party affiliations, and (despite their usual tendency to stick together no matter what) a growing number of Republicans. Even perennially tried and true member of the elephant herd George Will renounced his membership in the GOP when That Guy received the presidential nomination, saying “This is not my party.”

2. “For eight years we put up with”

Perhaps the best response to this is that a few pictures are worth a million words.

3. “your crappy choice of president”

Just about anyone of any ideological bent (present company included) can find something to disapprove of in Obama’s busy two terms in office. But there is no denying (though many people try very hard to deny it anyway) that he was a dynamic, effective and admirable leader. In fact, not long ago a group of some 170 political scientists ranked the nation’s presidents from first to worst. Obama was ranked 8th (up from 18th in the previous survey, when he was still in office), which is especially impressive considering how recently he left office — it often takes a few generations of perspective to fully appreciate a president’s impact. And number 45, by the way, was ranked number 45. But hey, what would political scientists know? They got no slogans.

To call Obama “crappy” is simply to substitute personal sentiment for fact. Which is, alas, something that happens with great frequency these days. “I believe in standing for the National Anthem, so everyone should.” “I don’t think gays should get married, so there should be a law against it.” “I’m a Christian, so everyone should live by Christian beliefs.” “I think abortion is murder so it should be outlawed.” “I love guns, so there’s a right to own one, and they prevent crime.” “I hate Obama, so he was a crappy president.”

4. “We complained about it, but we accepted it.”

“Accepted it” is an outright lie. “Complained” is the understatement of the millennium. See photos above. And see birtherism. And death panels. And he’s a Muslim. And he hates Christians. And he’s a socialist/ Marxist/ communist/ Nazi. And, and, and…

5. “You are showing us that you are weak, spoiled and inferior because you do not have the integrity”

You know irony is officially dead when someone uses a phrase like this while vigorously trying to defend the 45th White House Occupant.  But aside from that, it also is a vibrant example of not only polarization but tribalism and confrontationism.  It’s hard to imagine anything more “weak, spoiled and inferior” or more deficient in integrity than hurling childish insults. Especially ad hominem attacks against a wide swath of people you know nothing about. But this is exactly the kind of thing you’ll see in the cybersphere all the time. And it’s a telling illustration of why public discourse is at such a low state in America.

6. “to do the same thing”

False equivalence, false equivalence, false equivalence. One side is flying blimps of the baby dictator because (among many other things) he apparently conspired with Russia to throw an election, he lost the popular vote, he’s a bigoted misogynist who schmoozes with Nazis, he’s looting the nation for his own profit, and he can’t take a breath without lying. The other side burned effigies of Obama and spread loony rumors about him because he wanted to tax the rich, stop gun massacres, and make sure everyone had healthcare.

7. The Source

And notice who produced this meme: a group calling itself Alaska Patriots for a Free America.  As we’ve discussed before, “patriot” is a popular word used in  the propaganda technique of flag waving by those whose concept of “free” means free to impose their will on others.

This is certainly among the worst of Internet memes, but there are plenty of others to choose from. We previously noted several select examples promulgated by Liberal Logic 101, a fertile breeding ground for straw men.

The Other Side of the Coin

As you probably are aware, there are also plenty of good Internet memes out there. They may be vastly outnumbered, but they do exist. Here’s an example of one way a meme should be constructed. (Disclaimer: I created this one myself. But that isn’t what makes it a good one. It’s the other way around: I carefully put it together based on principles I’ve gleaned from many years of studying this sort of thing.)


First of all, I tried to be as non-confrontational as possible. The meme is not explicitly addressed to Republicans, “conservatives” or anyone else. They certainly are primarily the intended audience. But I’ve given them the chance to realize the shoe fits rather than try to force it on them with heated rhetoric. The impression I wanted to give them was that I was offering food for thought, for their own benefit — which in fact was exactly what I was doing.

I debated with myself for a long time about whether to add a final line: “And why should you be willing to give it to them?” This is certainly the question that I ultimately wanted them to consider — why should they play into the hands of propagandists, demagogues and hucksters? But I finally decided that it would be much more effective if they asked themselves that question rather than having someone else pose it.

What I did do, however, was point out as gently as possible something that they may not have realized: that the “liberals” they are being conditioned to demonize are not strangers and anonymous masses in remote locations; they are individuals with whom one comes in contact every day, and with whom one has had very positive experiences. And it doesn’t quite make sense mathematically that such librulz should be fine people individually, and yet add up to an evil threat as a whole.

This meme may not be perfect; it may not even be among the best you’ll encounter. But it was written thoughtfully rather than reactively, with good, constructive intentions. It’s the kind of meme we need to see a great deal more of — while seeing a great deal less of the first example.


  1. Some of my thought ramblings tonight;

    The problem is that, a good die-hard ideologue will read your thoughtful opinions and your meme about liberals above, as being spring loaded ideological traps. They will deny that certain political figures have been filling ordinary people with hate and distrust, and will claim that what they say, represents both conservatives–but mostly liberals!

    I have held discussions on Internet Forums in which I am immediately assaulted with statements accusing liberals of being Nazi’s, that they are oversensitive—even though we sometimes become overly sensitive in exactly the ways that conservatives do. I have often been typecast as a member of a religious liberal cult that worships some irrational and impossible dream to control the economy of the world by pursuing a massive global warming fraud? And then, there are the standard claims that, I have swallowed my parties talking points, hook line and sinker, and have filed away all my beliefs and indological ideals under the word, “liberal”—exactly the opposite of what most liberals would say are more accurately the traits of (die hard Republicans)?

    Personally I enjoy the rapier like wit you employ as revealed in your ironic observations of just how inconsistent many right wing people are. But when you point out that Barack Obama was (put up with,) too many times to count, Conservatives will take your comparisons of the baby balloon Trump incident, as being unawarented because,THEIR leader is not a baby, while Obama certainly was born in Kenya, had a false birth certificate, stored it in Hawaii in anticipation that he would grow up to become President, etc. etc. The point being that criticisms made by the GOP’s fearless leader are mean spirited and insulting, while hateful individuals burning Obama in effigy, or showing his mock head hanging from a spike. are merely rationalized as appropriate criticisms. While the horrific decapitated, (and artificial head) of Trump held up by Kathy griffin was also inexcusable and offensive! However, when you use irony correctly, to reduce their claims about liberals being irrational and biased, they will attack you on the grounds that they are being persecuted, or deliberately misunderstood by evil liberals?

    In the face of such perpetual madness I often resort to simply asking right wingers why Democrats are Nazis, or why Obama’s detractors equate the fact that the ACA should have been bolstered and improved upon, rather than scrapped because it represented some vile form of evil, and/or anti–capitalist plot?

    The truth is that nearly every last one of the comments I make, while trying to stick to the subject, rather than sinking into the “what about Clinton,” syndrome, or the “What about Biden,” or “what about the John McCain” syndrome, or just about the dubious list of Obama’s (shameless and axiomatic faults)! I try to approach the subject with an open mind.

    Your honest use of righteous satire and of verbal slapstick will only offend Trumpites since like most of us, they form beliefs on the basis of what makes them feel good, or at least, better off. It’s just too bad that often honesty and civility have left the building where simple, honest, truth gave regular shows–attempting to establish a more perfect and unified Nation FOR ALL OF US!

  2. Not,
    “They will deny that certain political figures have been filling ordinary people with hate and distrust, and will claim that what they say, represents both conservatives–but mostly liberals! rather,

    “They will deny that certain political figures have been filling ordinary people with hate and distrust, and will claim that what they say, represents both conservatives and liberals–but mostly liberals!

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