“Pro-Life”, Anti-Truth


So, were you shocked and outraged when you heard — as you almost certainly did — that Planned Parenthood has been “selling body parts” of “murdered babies”? Congratulations, that’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel. But the real congratulations are due to the folks who concocted the whole story in the first place.

That would be the Center For Medical Progress, a”pro-life” activist group that released an undercover interview with Planned Parenthood’s Deborah Nucatola, deceptively edited to make it sound as if Planned Parenthood sells the tissue of aborted fetuses. The hoaxsters also released the full unedited video, which clearly shows Nucatola decrying the idea of selling fetal tissue; but the fanfare was all about the shorter video, and they surely must have realized that a lie travels halfway around the world before the truth can get its shoes on. It was the dishonest edit that got Facebooked ad infinitum.

Even the supposedly intellectually viable organ of rightwingnuttery, the ever-entertaining National Review, took the bait. In an editorial titled Let’s Face It: Planned Parenthood Is Evil (don’t mince words, folks, what do you really think?), NR lamented that

In America, it’s illegal to donate money to a candidate without first reporting it to the government. Even then, if you give more than is permissible, you could end up in jail. In this country, you can’t add trans fats to your foods or smoke cigarettes in your own bar. Here, the Little Sisters of the Poor can’t tell the state they’d rather not buy condoms, and bakers can’t tell a couple they’d rather not participate in their wedding. But it’s completely legal to kill an unborn baby for convenience and then sell its parts for cash.

Except that’s totally untrue. And the ever-entertaining National Review knew that, or else didn’t bother to look it up. Either way, it’s inexcusable for anyone masquerading as a journalist to make such utterances. Just as it’s inexcusable for anyone pretending to be “pro-life” to support policies that are anti-life (however you define it) and to indulge in this kind of devious smear tactics.

Yet this is very far from unusual. Planned Parenthood has become the favorite bogeyman of the “pro-life” movement, which has no qualms about how it goes about persecuting them.  And as we’ve seen before, many “pro-life” fanatics have no problem with lying their pious asses off. We’ve asked this question before, but it’s certainly worth asking again and again: if they really are so convinced that their cause is noble and righteous and true, why do they so consistently feel the need to promote it with lies, deception, sleazy attacks and intimidation?


  1. P.O.P , not to be pedantic, but often I see things like pro choice vs. pro life, “Liberal” vs. “Conservative”, and while the later of the two oppostions seem to be the what the media would portray as good, again you have truth manipulating shit like social medicine vs. What “Obamacare” really encompasses.

    Where I’m getting at however is that while none of these are a direct political stance for me the major one that upsets me is the “White minority” camp (perhaps something you are aware of). Don’t get me wrong, I sure as hell don’t hate white people, discriminate them, or think that they are immune to it.

    However I often see things outside of traditional supremacy and portray themselves of wanting to maintain European heritage and that they are socially and legal oppressed through what they call “cultural Marxism”. Political Correctness and other things done for the sake of diversity definitely has it’s backfires but I’m not lying when I say it is rather borderline insulting as if these people were as restricted by the law as blacks were in the south, immigrants in the progressive era, or Asian Americans in WWII.

    Noticing restriction of rights is one thing, claiming that the government is “putting white people down” (yes I’ve actually read that concerning the S.C. Flag unrest) is another. To put this into perspective, a site that deals with this advertised a book of a Greek statue called something about the “white race” as if it some sort of ignored history without proper credit.

    I’m sorry if you don’t like subjects different from the post being brought up in the comments or if I’m concern only on “race”, but that’s what stuff like this reminds me of and I feel level of stress whenever I see it brought up. (seriously I’m not that old but my heart fells like it’s being weighed down whenever I read White Minority news, like I could die by stress alone in the near future.) so I can only imagine what shit like this does for you.

    • You’ve touched upon some points that I’ve mentioned before, or will be discussing more in the future. I have a discussion of the whole Confederate flag insanity coming up. And maybe I should do something about the “white minority” thing too.

  2. I’m glad that you make note of the fact that, even though many conservatives act as if they are noble guardians of truth and morality, “they have no problem lying their righteous asses off.”

    Misinformation and lies at this level must certainly be done consciously by these fanatics, since they are hardly ignorant of the ways they have altered videos to create the wrong, or completely false impression, that pro-choice people are somehow looking to strike it rich by selling the body parts of dead babies. Yet, when one actually confronts them about the unethical things they are doing by quoting the commandment “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor,” they refuse to fess up and instead, seem to feel that in their particular case, God must have given them a free pass to reward their self perceived righteousness.

    The same is true with 911 truthers, anti-gay propagandists, and of course, those who work for huge oil companies, who seem to think nothing about deliberately misstating facts or even downright lying for their own advantage? The actual truth is really just as you put it. “If they are so convinced that their cause is noble righteous and true, why do they so consistently feel the need to promote it with lies, deceptions, sleazy attacks and intimidation?”

    The only conclusion one can make, is that they think nothing of refusing to obey the God which they claim is only on their side. Because If that includes using biblical principles to reference virtues while actually disobeying their true intents, and then continually lying in unethical ways–well that’s not about them,since somehow they seem to believe that God has granted them an ethical loophole large enough to sail the Titanic through.

    Another more spiritual being that they all too often refuse to heed, said this—“you shall know them by their fruit.” Lies and misinformation are two pieces of fruit which have existed since (Biblically speaking), ever since Adam and Eve first picked them–and today’s “Christians,” are still trying to pick forbidden fruit with moral impunity while rationalizing their actions in any way that they can!

  3. Rid the nation in all ways possible of every republican and their voters and supporters. The world will be a much better place without their hate, lies, destruction, racism, bigotry, narcissistic ways, sadism, heartless trash not humans and so much more!!! See their actions not words including entire war criminal bush family, Nazi family Pence, dictator Trumpet regime family, kkk member McConnell family, et al. Republicans are a disease bar none.

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