The “War On Christmas” in 4 Minutes

Jesse Dollemore

I regret that I didn’t discover it until Christmas Day, but Jesse Dollemore has a nifty little video that addresses the silly “War On Christmas” narrative that surfaces every year around November.

Dollemore shows a clip of Donald Trump proclaiming to an adoring throng that “we’re going to start saying Merry Christmas again.” (Does that mean he’s going to issue an imperial proclamation that everyone must say it?) And clips of the talking heads at Fox “News” reacting in a manner that (honest to Pete) brings to mind teenage girls screaming over The Beatles.

They declare that their War On Christmas has been won now that Trump is elected, and because of him people are starting to say “Merry Christmas” again (as if they’d been prohibited from doing so up until now), and even ask “When was the last time you heard a politician say” the taboo magic phrase.

Then, after presenting a few actual facts on the matter, Dollemore serves up a clip of President Obama wishing Americans a Merry Christmas 16 times — and Michelle Obama twice.

When was the last time you heard a politician say “Merry Christmas”? Depends on how much you’ve been paying attention.


8 thoughts on “The “War On Christmas” in 4 Minutes

  1. The viral stupidity circulated about President Obama is full of all kinds of horrible and untrue claims. The fact is, that we can say Merry Christmas anywhere and at any time we want! We just cannot start preaching about Christ about Mosaic law or about the teachings of the Buddha in government venues which are supposed to honor the beliefs and faiths of all Americans. Outrageous! Right??

    And the “horrible” fact is, that If I make a personal choice to say “Happy Holidays” when wishing someone well during this season, because I don’t know what faith he or she practices, that’s entirely my decision. Even so, I doubt they’d want me arrested, or make any complaints if I inadvertently failed to do so.

    The right wing has been so very adept and eager about promoting fake news and untrue garbage, that they are the ones who seem truly sacrilegious!

    May they have fun controlling the rest of us whenever their God gives them the permission and opportunity to. But if I have any say about it, that will be on a cold day in Hell!

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